Review: BJoe Steel – Between A Sunrise & A Cemetery

"Between a Sunrise & a Cemetery" is straight from the underground, but aims to reach a plateau which few emcees who journey can embark. BJoe Steel out of New Mexico catalyzes epic storytelling and cultural lyricism with well-placed penmanship, reminiscent of classic emcees like Slick Rick, Eyedea, MF DOOM, and Rakim, who used these styles and techniques. This album transcends into the depths of various occult and metaphysical topics, history, and poetic analogies that shape and design the mindstate of this spiritually tuned emcee. Behind very graphic, metaphorical imagery, BJoe Real provides polished lyrical charisma that permeates the essence of hip-hop music.

"Intellectual enslavement, while the emperor stands naked
Give me liberty or death said the uninsured patient
Bomb away the danger, front page why do they hate us
Now you see the reason why DJ's have programmed playlists" - Mesopotamia Mania

The production by Action Figga on Between a Sunrise & a Cemetery is classic boom-bap with lots of experimentalism within the drum work and samples. BJoe Steel flows slower lyrical styles over higher BPM beats, using different timings, syllable counts and multis to paint vivid pictures that illuminate and conceptualize the nature of hip-hop and the world around us. The craft of the emcee is tested by the production, which makes for an interesting listen because of the level of abstract skill put forth on part of both these hip-hoppers.

"Be an evil villain chillin in my secret hideout
Group full of kung-fu goons who'll pull your spine out" - Wanna Be An Ewok

This album is a true journey into the depths of hip-hop through the perspective of BJoe Steel, whose inspirations come from the essential elements of the culture and the wisdom enhanced by the art. So much heart and soul is in this project because the foundation of these basic elements is embedded in every track. This album will resonate with true hip-hop fans, and those inspired by poetic, meaningful lyricism. You can purchase or lsiten to this album on Bandcamp, Spotify, or any major streaming platform!

Favorite Track: Goodbye Kisses, Original Ghost, Mesopotamia Mania

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 5/5 
Flow – 3/5 
Substance – 4/5 
Feel – 3/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 3.9/5


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