Rebel Underground Network is an underground hiphop platform based out of Las Vegas, with the goal of preserving the principles of hip-hop and providing knowledge, awareness and service to the fans and artists of the genre. We showcase the Las Vegas hip-hop scene and beyond with original hip-hop content containing true emcees.  We provide services for artists and provide a solid promotional team for underground talent. Please follow our movement on social media for up-to-date news, music and more from our network.
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Check out a few of our service packages. Book your promotion today by sending an email to rebelundergroundnetwork@gmail.com

- We write reviews and write-ups for singles ($10), eps ($20) and albums ($30). You can send a request to our email with a link to the album. All music is vetted for quality and if it will fit our intended audience before placement. We promote all of our reviews via our social media networks with over 15K reach.

- We distribute the Indie Artist Toolkit ($40) which provides artists of all genres with quality contact information to blogs, PR, labels, playlist curators and marketers. It also provides promotional tips for IG, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube, distribution info for all major digital distributions (CD Baby, Distrokid, TuneCore, etc). Touring info, and business strategies are also a part of this amazing toolkit. 

- We provide engaging written interviews with content included ($20). We provide a template of questions, some generic and some that are curated after doing research on you as an artist. We promote all of our interviews via our social media networks with over 15K reach.

- We post content directly to our FB page with over 10K like of engaged hiphop fans for free. But we do paid promotion as well for a larger reach. We promote and share the content with all over our networks and share in groups loaded with engaged hiphop FANS. We also can scale your reach with FB ads targeted to your particular niche within hip-hop (Budget + 25%).

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