The RUNdown – Ep. 8 Feat. OBESE THE PROPHET Were the Nick Cannon comments about Jews and Whites out of line? Should his interview have been censored? In this episode, Maine emcee/producer Obese The Prophet joins us to discuss Nick Cannon's comments that got him fired from Viacom, changing hiphop scenes and how to get started in a new city, and OTP performs... Continue Reading →

Single: ALVMNII – WE AIN’T FREE (PROD. BY DJ HOPPA) #HoppaAndFriends2RapContest ALVMNII's entry for #HoppaAndFriends2RapContest They decided to speak up about censorship, data tracking, and the abuse of our freedoms as 2020 rolls on. RUN encourages others to speak against censorship and share their truth - let us be the judge. ALVMNII is a Las Vegas rap duo who makes underground and conscious music. Follow... Continue Reading →

Review: BJoe Steel – Between A Sunrise & A Cemetery "Between a Sunrise & a Cemetery" is straight from the underground, but aims to reach a plateau which few emcees who journey can embark. BJoe Steel out of New Mexico catalyzes epic storytelling and cultural lyricism with well-placed penmanship, reminiscent of classic emcees like Slick Rick, Eyedea, MF DOOM, and Rakim, who used these... Continue Reading →

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