Review: Avery Harden – Atlantis

"I'm in it for the long haul I know you niggas is scared of me
This positivity gon' be heard even if you murder me." - Milo Thatch

If you haven't heard of Avery Harden, you must be lost, much like the city of Atlantis. In some hip-hop circles, Ave remains a mystery uncovered, however, a change is about to surface with his 7th album Atlantis. Think of Avery Harden as Milo Thatch, a talented linguist with something to prove, but sort of separated from everyone else. What continues to separate Ave from other hip-hop artists is his elite skills as an emcee and a passion for positivity that is on full display with this album. There is a hunger to show you the proof, that faith and positivity can get us through some of the toughest, most adverse situations. Atlantis is about trusting your gut, taking yourself seriously, and stepping up even if nobody has your back if you fall.

"I'm giving you game, a free 99, I hope that you take it - apply it today
Do what you love and be happy, let em all hate from the back seat" - Look at Me Now

Atlantis lyrically provides a myriad of different styles, from double time rhymes, punchlines, and metaphors, to slower more melodic rhythms and cadence. Every song has an inspirational vibe and constructive message, but Avery takes a unique approach to each track to show you his versatility as an artist. The Las Vegas native has an interesting clash of East/West styles, something like J.Cole mixed with Jay Rock. We'll let you listen and decide where the elements of those artists show up in Avery Harden, but it's a fabulous combination. As with his first 6 projects, Atlantis is consistent lyrically; always with a message, passion, truth behind the words and a shoutout to his truest fans. Avery continues to put his heart and soul into his music, and Atlantis submerges you into its depth. Pun intended.

"Avery Harden made it out of Clark county
Killin all these beats they really wanted the bounty
God blessed me with the drip so they drowning
Told you I'm the truth, get ready for the crowning" - Middle Child Pt. 2

The production on Atlantis is also versatile, with many different producers such as Aura, Erik Giovani, John Camp, Mantra/Zero
and Young Fam contributing to the eclectic sound of the album.
Even with a plethora of different producers, Atlantis is sonically cohesive. Every track is head-nod worthy, sinking you into its vibe whether the track has high energy, or is more laid back. Atlantis is more than an epic hip-hop album, it's an epic tale of perseverance and dedication to one's dreams that all music lovers will enjoy. You can stream Avery Harden's Atlantis on Spotify, iTunes, etc, or purchase directly from

Favorite Tracks: Look at Me Now, The Underdog, Middle Child Pt. 2

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 4/5 
Flow – 5/5 
Substance – 4/5 
Feel – 5/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 4.4/5

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