Single: Avery Harden – Escape The Hood

Historically, West Coast hip-hop has glorified gang and street life. Without strong role models, young black men often get caught up in a street code that leads to death or jail, often inspired by the rap artists they admire. For Las Vegas native Avery Harden, he never saw it as an option. From a young age, Avery Harden knew he wanted to be an entertainer and an emcee, one who doesn't glorify the violence in the streets but instead speaks against it and inspires others to choose a different route. His latest song, Escape The Hood, is a testament to those aspirations and influencing a different path for today's youth.

Growing up in the "Nutty North" of Las Vegas, Avery Harden is no stranger to this lifestyle, seeing Crips and other gang affiliates in his neighborhood as a child. Witnessing the violence and problems it created in his community, he began to distance himself from that crowd, with the goal of one day escaping the hood that played no role in his future. Escape The Hood is a song that asks tough questions about gang martyrdom, repping colors and street blocks, and how the government is complicit and complacent in creating this environment.

"There's no future being devoted to a block that don't love you
A street you don't own, you fight over a color
Don't see that you're doing wrong"

Escape The Hood is a classic, pure hip-hop song with a consistent, conscious message, boom-bap production, and a scratch hook that will leave your head nodding! With many hands in the creative process, Avery Harden took his time with this record, allowing producer Dylan Kusch, producer/engineer Rose Hills, engineer 5MITH, and Tic Toc Productions on the scratches to bring this track to life! In a world that perpetuates violent images on television, music, and in our communities, Avery Harden's Escape The Hood manifests itself as a breath of fresh air. It's the kind of song that has the power to change the perspective of a young mind, to achieve something greater the life in the streets. You can listen and support Escape The Hood on all streaming platforms, and make sure to check out the video below!


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