Review: PH8L – Since 1985

For those who grew up during the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, the art and culture left a valuable imprint on the young minds of emcees today. PH8L is one of those emcees, who's Chicago roots infused his soul with the urban culture that now permeates as a pure breed lyricist with extreme mic versatility. "Since... Continue Reading →

Single: Noe Chill – Noe Pencil, Noe Paper

"Noe Pencil, Noe Paper" is the second single released by Las Vegas based emcee Noe Chill. While Noe Chill is new to the game, his skills and flow are not amateur in the least. This single not only showcases Noe Chill's prolific flow and lyricism, but it is also a testament to how Noe Chill's... Continue Reading →

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