Single: Sicknotes feat. Vendetta & Ayok – Diamond Cut (Prod. By Big Skoon)

Sicknotes, Vendetta of PCP, and Ayok apply pressure with the single “Diamond Cut,” produced by Big Skoon. The chopper style always sounds incredible when you have polished emcees who can enunciate and find the perfect pocket that tests the BPM of the track. Big Skoon laced this beat for the trio of Grind Mode Cypher affiliates, allowing each emcee to demonstrate their unique flows.

"Diamond Cut" bestows a Midwest chopper bounce, where Big Skoon’s Chicago roots heavily influence this sound. However, the emcees are coastal, Sicknotes being from Cali, while Vendetta and Ayok are from Massachusetts. Many dynamics are working together on this track, making it a must-add to any playlist!

"It's a case where you faced with a race 
got a pace that you hate cause you just can't win
The wind blew in
A cold motherfucker with a dope flow 
Fast or slow master those with gold pens" - Vendetta

These artists have been routinely featured in many Grind Mode Cypher volumes throughout the years. Sick Notes has released a number of collaborations with Grind Mode affiliates like Collatta, Mic Bles, Coherent, and other emcees in 2021. This also marks the second song in the last few months produced by Big Skoon. This duo has never let us down and Diamond Cut is a top-notch display of skill on all fronts.

"Feeling like a God when I step in the booth
Ima hit em with the knowledge give a lesson or two
I can't expect to get the same love that I give 
It won't happen again, I ain't stressing it's cool" - Sicknotes

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