Single: Indka & The Real Ulysses – Heartless

In a world so cold, sometimes it can be hard not to get jaded. Through all the struggle, trauma, and suffering we battle in our lives, we must never remain heartless through the process. You don't have to forgive or forget, but for our sanity, we must move forward and never let the past hold us back. This is a strong message from Las Vegas emcees Indka and The Real Ulysses, who recently collaborated on their duo project "The Process." Ever since the drop of this project in 2018, the process continues. Both of these individuals have juggled many responsibilities, hardships, and even heartbreak in the last several years.  To drop a video for "Heartless" years after the album was released demonstrates the power of this song, a direct reflection of the mental state and path these men are on.

"Life's tough, I know you're feeling hard pressed
Try and play your hand while you're sitting cardless
It's a set plan, life happens regardless
Gotta crawl before you walk, don't be heartless"

"Heartless" was filmed by Mike Dyer, whose cinematic expertise shines brightly through the dim, grim paradox portrayed by the music video. Indka and Ulysses play characters who have seemingly committed a heartless, premeditated murder on someone who has done them wrong. This irony symbolizes that heartless feeling. Indka and Ulysses express this pent-up anger on "Heartless," but continue to remain level-headed, not to succumb to the cold world around them.  You can stream "The Process," as well as the single from the album "Heartless" on Spotify, Apple Music, and all streaming platforms. Make sure to check out the incredible music video below!

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