Coherent – Sink or Swim EP | AVAILABLE NOW

Coherent is back at it, this time with a political banger - the Sink or Swim EP.  This project paints America as a sinking ship - a metaphor for the collapsing societal environment during the pandemic. For the past few years, we have seen American leadership and society collapsing, now it's time to sink or swim. This short EP, which is part of a larger work coming in 2022, discusses the political divide in the U.S., media, propaganda, and other divisive tactics that are separating the populace. Knowing how divisive America has been lately, with race, politics, medicine, media, etc - this EP is extremely relevant.

"Don't open doors for the feds...
All they want is me dead
Babylon up ahead
When that day comes
I'ma watch this motherfucka sink" - Judgement Day

The Sink or Swim EP features production from Ivory, KID Psycho and Hiright. All the producers bring a dark flair to the project that creates a somber, reflective tone for an emcee like Coherent to speak his truth. Be on the lookout for more content on this album as it develops. You can listen to Sink or Swim on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify and all streaming services.

"This a juicy set-up for aristocrats
The ship they put us on about to sink while flyin' yellow jack
Who the fuck is Fannie Mae? Who the fuck is Freddie Mac?
Shit... I'ma run-up in the bank and get my fetti back!" - Mariana Trench


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