Top 10 Las Vegas Albums of 2019

2019 was a big year for the Las Vegas underground, with lots of collaborations between the scene. Some veterans dropped heat, and some new faces emerged. Here are Rebel Underground’s Top 10 Las Vegas Albums of 2019.


  1. Way2Gone x Dent One – Dreams 2 Nightmares

Way2Gone has been busy in 2019, with numerous singles, another album is known as Checkmate, and this collab with Dent One that flexes his lyrical side. There are a lot of dope collabs on this as well.



  1. JayDee Anthony – Dollar$&$ense

Just a youngin’ in the game, but he sees the bigger picture. The grind and passion behind the music can be seen within the art.



  1. WSTLND – Animal Sqouse

It was a big year for the WSTLND squad, this collaboration project showcases their power and talent as a collective. Several artists on this project released solo and other collab projects this year too, such as Decompressions (Intrepid Intellect & Insight – Third Eye), Falling With Style (J.Y. & Insight) as well as Lost Thoughts (Ex-L), which could all make this list individually.




The self-titled debut collaboration album from AJ & Coherent is nothing short of pure hip-hop. Raw bars, flow, with a conscious message; don’t sleep on this emcee duo.



  1. Lost Elements – Soul-cialism

Lost Elements is a trio of emcees who’s togetherness is inspired by the love for hip-hop. Their debut project is boombap to the core and is loaded with headnods and crowd rockers.


  1. King QP – Push Play Vol 1-2.

Both volumes display the lyrical versatility of King QP. As an emcee authentic and true to his word, these projects have replay value.



  1. Trade Voorhees – Saturday 7 & 8

Saturdays continue to be lit in Norf. The always working Trade Voorhees dropped two new establishments to this series.



  1. Profane – XXII BLACK

Profane goes beast mode on this Chem Clinic produced album. This is some of Profane’s best work as a lyricist.



  1. Mike Xavier – Still Dreaming

Those dreams just keep getting closer and closer for Mike Xavier, as this album was composed with Grammy-winning producers and the inspiring message MX always brings to the microphone.



  1. Jamaar – Ift

If you are not motivated and uplifted by this project you never will be. This is music for the soul with a new school hip-hop feel.


Honorable Mentions

Steven Joseph – Loading
Smog the AK – AK 51
Ethan Martin – Obscurity
A Day – UGLY
Destined To Be Legends – Bigwill_thegoat x SymptomX


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