Review: Lost Elements Official – SOUL-cialism

"It's time to connect like we online

Fuck a color, time to unify, don't ask why" - Act Like You Know Better (C-Will)

HipHop fans, please rejoice and come together now! Just when you thought the culture and art were on the decline, Las Vegas emcee trio Lost Elements (Big Skoon, C-Will, and DatzDiggy) drops a project that provides hope for a lyrical comeback. The debut album "Soul-cialism" from Lost Elements is all about coming together under the umbrella of hip-hop to break color barriers, sound genres and focus on promoting the positive aspects and ethics of hip-hop culture. Lost Elements themselves were brought together by hip-hop, coming from different cities of the United States before 2017 "The Link Up" in Las Vegas. Their story and raw essence are displayed on "Soul-cialism," as all three emcees have elite mic skills and souls embedded with hip-hop.

"Ready to lock horns, target is locked on

X marks the spot, one-stop til' I drop bombs" - Art of Talkin Shit (DatzDiggy)

Lyrically, "Soul-cialism" is a smörgåsbord of different hip-hop flavors centered around rapper/producer Big Skoon's boombap beats. Every track on the album is cohesive and on topic. Even with smooth jams like "Do Ur Thing" and "Circoc & Kool-Aid" that feature a party vibe, the hip-hop essence remains indistinguishable on every song. True emceeing from this versatile bunch packs this album with songs to get the crowd movin', the ladies groovin', and rappers schoolin'! Laidback flows and polished deliveries make this album easy listening for both the casual hip-hop fan and the true heads alike. "Soul-cialism" also has a few interesting features, including several storytelling skits, an eight-minute shoutout track, and collaborations with Las Vegas underground artists Rowdy Grammar and Harvey Listen.

"I love that classic, boombap art of rap

Y'all killin' me with these bullshit start raps

You need a starter pack, who'd of even thought of that

Cause your pen games shit and super garbage trash " - Clear It Out (Big Skoon)

The music of Lost Elements is under the heavy influence of 90s style rap they grew up listening to, especially in regards to production. "Soul-cialism" is full of crate-dug sample chops composed with an Akai MPC, giving it that raw, boombap feel that dominated hip-hop music in the late 20th century. While this may lack commercial appeal today, nostalgic fans and consumers of the culture will appreciate the level of skill and authenticity derived from the trio's passion for the art. Soul-cialism" from Lost Elements showcases peace, love, unity and fun aspects, which are the foundations of hip-hop culture and music. What was lost has now been found, deep in the underground of Las Vegas. Fans can purchase "Soul-cialism" on Bandcamp and iTunes, or stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms. SUPPORT REAL HIP-HOP!

Favorite Tracks: The Link Up, Send Aid, The Elements

Production – 5/5 

Lyrics – 5/5 

Flow – 4/5 

Substance –4/5 

Feel – 4/5 

Originality: 4/5 

Longevity – 4/5 

Overall – 4.3/5

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