Single: ALVMNII – WE AIN’T FREE (PROD. BY DJ HOPPA) #HoppaAndFriends2RapContest ALVMNII's entry for #HoppaAndFriends2RapContest They decided to speak up about censorship, data tracking, and the abuse of our freedoms as 2020 rolls on. RUN encourages others to speak against censorship and share their truth - let us be the judge. ALVMNII is a Las Vegas rap duo who makes underground and conscious music. Follow... Continue Reading →

Single: SavageRaww – Flexxing

While many rappers are flexing cars, clothes, and jewelry, this young artist is flexing his blood, sweat, and tears. SavageRaww's new single "Flexxing" is a testament to his grind as an artist, and what he has accomplished. Earning every dollar, this Las Vegas rapper refuses to let anyone take from his plate. Rest assured, the... Continue Reading →

Coherent – Madness (Look Alive Remix) New music from emcee and creator of Rebel Underground, Coherent.  Lots of shit talking in the scene on social media.  Time to put it on wax. This is hiphop. Follow the movement - RUN wit us! IG - RebelUnderground

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