Review: The Chem Clinic – Project Fallout "We got the game up in our hands and we don't let go Chasin after pesos just to watch a neck glow Smoke rolled tight with the petro Blowin on the best smoke, nigga fuck Metro" - We Deep Deep in the core of Las Vegas underground hiphop, an active nucleus of emcees and... Continue Reading →

Lady-H Feat. YaitcH & Sloe One – WEST COAST Lady-H is a time machine. West Coast takes it old school one time with a classic G-Funk sound over modern flows. This is Lady-H's first official music video, for a track that will be featured on her debut project "Little Red Writing Hood." Shoutout to the AKTribe and Latin Beast TV for making this possible. ... Continue Reading →

Episode 4 W/ StudioFeenz (FREESTYLE CYPHER) – Mic Check Podcast Check out the music of StudioFeenz on SoundCloud and their new music video "Cock Blockin" Lady H . IG - @ladyh_sf_queen Follow the hosts on social media and check out our blog and dynamic content!

Y_aitcH – AITS (Alone In The Studio)

Yaitch of StudioFeenz released a new single Alone In The Studio (AITS). This song is for all the emcees who live in the studio, spending hours writing and recording a lone to soothe your soul.  Real hip hop and raw emotion from the feen himself.

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