Coherent – Madness (Look Alive Remix) New music from emcee and creator of Rebel Underground, Coherent.  Lots of shit talking in the scene on social media.  Time to put it on wax. This is hiphop. Follow the movement - RUN wit us! IG - RebelUnderground

Sociopolitical Activism and the Origins of Hip Hop

In the twenty-first century, hip hop music is often associated with behaviors like drug use, sexualization of women, gang violence, consumerist and materialistic ideas, egocentric and pop culture values, however, hip hop culture and its music planted its roots in social progression and civil rights movements in the 1970s, working to bring urban communities together... Continue Reading →

Review: Mike Xavier – Resilience

Only people resilient enough to chase their dreams will make it out the struggle; no situation is impossible to persevere with a little faith in yourself, the support of your loved ones and the man above. Those are our words, but the single father emcee and young sage himself, Mike Xavier, would entice you with... Continue Reading →

Rap Is War: LV Beef 2017

So if you didn't know, 2017 sparked some serious beef for the Las Vegas scene, between Phil A and BLT which is Ivory & Vessel.  Past events and words exchanged over public forums complicated the situation between the artists and some artists affiliated with both sides. Ivory took the first shot with "Fuck Phil A,"... Continue Reading →

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