Single: ALVMNII – Play No Games

Check out the single release from Las Vegas rap duo ALVMNII. Coherent and AJ show you why games are never played on the mic. Both emcees display incredible lyricism, and flow on this absolute BANGER! Support and purchase or stream this track, add it to your favorite playlist!

Single: Noe Chill – Noe Pencil, Noe Paper

"Noe Pencil, Noe Paper" is the second single released by Las Vegas based emcee Noe Chill. While Noe Chill is new to the game, his skills and flow are not amateur in the least. This single not only showcases Noe Chill's prolific flow and lyricism, but it is also a testament to how Noe Chill's... Continue Reading →

Review: Tru Judah – I’M FREE

"This ain't no church talk, man fuck your preacher" - I'M FREE Hebrew Israelite? Have we heard this term before? Oh yes, back in 2017, where Kendrick Lamar's DAMN album alludes to an esoteric lineage of black American's considered by many to be the original people of Israel. Kendrick, historians, and scholars have inspired this... Continue Reading →

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