Review: Voxx & the Hound – The Significant Insignificance

Sometimes opposites attract. Voxx & the Hound's first full-length album "The Significant Insignificance" is a collaboration project between two St. Louis underground artists that combines an electronic/hiphop based production from Uncle Skock (The Hound) with the thought-provoking, lyrical content of Baytron (Voxx). While both artists have roots in HipHop, they actually met within the St.... Continue Reading →

Review: Avery Harden – ILLuminate "You know what after all, this is why I was called To shine my light, brighter than the big dipper star" - Lil Light of Mine There may be light at the end of the tunnel for Avery Harden, who has been griding hard the last five years to reach bigger stages to illuminate... Continue Reading →

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