Review: RKB – #RippasKeeper “I think it’s awesome when you teach yourself how to blossom Too many fake ones be talkin but they are dead men walking We put these beats up on coffins I’m like Shaq he like Ibaka That bullshit we blocking they mockin That's how we know they be watchin” - Push RKB is a... Continue Reading →

Review: Way2Gone – #JustWaitOnIt "Damn I am aware I'm grabbing the mic because my time is here I'm making sure my eyes on the road and hands on the steer Cause I know that my tribe is feared" - Just Drive #JustWaitOnIt is the latest mixtape from one half of them Rippa Killa Boys (RKB), Way2Gone,... Continue Reading →

Way2Gone – #Justwaitforit

Review coming soon! Peep the latest project from Way2Gone of RKB.  Collaborations on deck with this one.  Anthems for the Vegas streets, different hip hop styles - what more can you ask for from a mixtape?

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