Review: IDKro – 1993 "Seen the suit, seen the tie, seen the hat I'm him So y'all can stop talkin that shit, BITCH! 'For they put green on your head, Sims Asthma with the grammar muthafucka I'm sick" Let's take you back to 1993, the year that set the hiphop world on fire with classic albums from Wu-Tang... Continue Reading →

Coherent – Madness (Look Alive Remix) New music from emcee and creator of Rebel Underground, Coherent.  Lots of shit talking in the scene on social media.  Time to put it on wax. This is hiphop. Follow the movement - RUN wit us! IG - RebelUnderground

Coherent REMIX Contest!

Rebel Underground has released 7 acapellas from Coherent's first 3 projects, allowing producers to use these acapella's, building a beat around them to be showcased on a remixtape featuring some of Vegas's best producers! Here's how you can enter and have a chance to win an exclusive segment on our Rebel Underground Network blog, Choose an... Continue Reading →

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