Single: ALVMNII – Top Tier (Gawd MC 2) ALVMNII is back with their fifth single of the year, and it's a banger! AJ and Coherent show why they are both top tier lyricists on this track produced by Trunxks for the Gawd MC 2 contest. While the competition is steep, this Las Vegas rap duo proves they can go toe-to-toe with any... Continue Reading →

ALVMNII – Another Level | Prod. By Kato #CollabFortheCrown Look who's bringing the heat from Las Vegas - BARS ON DECK Another Level is AJ's & Coherent's (ALVMNII) entry for the #CollabForTheCrown Contest by Kato. Go vote for them here - ALVMNII is an emcee duo consisting of AJ and Coherent from Las Vegas. Both emcees are also the founders of Rebel... Continue Reading →

Coherent REMIX Contest!

Rebel Underground has released 7 acapellas from Coherent's first 3 projects, allowing producers to use these acapella's, building a beat around them to be showcased on a remixtape featuring some of Vegas's best producers! Here's how you can enter and have a chance to win an exclusive segment on our Rebel Underground Network blog, Choose an... Continue Reading →

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