Review: Vic Smith – Mamie Lewis

"Slim chances, need answers, all in my feelings Mamie Lewis made me do it..." - Almost Lost When an emcee steps into the booth, it's like they become Superman, but alter egos have problems too. They can either grow to meet the pressure or succumb to it. Seeing that potential and failing to live up... Continue Reading →

Review: Kennedy Clark – If I Should Die “Fuck prayin for em I’m about to bring a nigga hell.” - Don’t Pray For Me Kennedy Clark's debut album "If I Should Die" is not for the faint of heart; this is an album that showcases the naked truth of a changed man - whose message and integrity are the only stitch of... Continue Reading →

Rebel Underground Radio Episode 8

Kennedy Clark - Weed And Liquor Kalipso feat Dizzy Wright - Keep Smoking CHROME feat. Mikey VIP - Back 2 Da Green Late For Dinner feat. Issac Sawyer - The Walk Away Willy Ways feat. Steelo El - Cross x2 Exist More feat. Diamond Grooves - Catharsis Way2Gone feat. C-$ - Storytelling of LV Great... Continue Reading →

Sociopolitical Activism and the Origins of Hip Hop

In the twenty-first century, hip hop music is often associated with behaviors like drug use, sexualization of women, gang violence, consumerist and materialistic ideas, egocentric and pop culture values, however, hip hop culture and its music planted its roots in social progression and civil rights movements in the 1970s, working to bring urban communities together... Continue Reading →

Rebel Underground Radio Show Episode 2

Episode 2 Dirty Earthlings - Chocolate Milk Lost Elements feat. Venom G - Verbal Revolver Hassan - Leonardo DiRaprio Cam Citi feat. Indica & J.Y. - Never Get Enough Pookie Loko feat. Great Daine - Go For It All Coherent feat. RaSOL - Mystery Repeats Fresh Tarkanian - Rocka The Jones feat. QDawn - Keep... Continue Reading →

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