Review: Focus The Truth Feat. Ayo Da Don – Q85 “Hoppin off the train then they try to jet us This is unforgettable, just don’t forget us” - Elite Thuns 2 Jamacia Queens natives Focus The Truth and Ayo Da Don journey through the borough with their album Q85, a classic Queens project with smooth jazzy sampled boombap and heavy bars. As a... Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW W/ MC SUPERNATURAL – Mic Check Podcast Exclusive Interview with MC Supernatural from the host of Mic Check - SIC the Blackfalcon featuring a special cohost B.Dailey . Supernat drops knowledge on the kid and gives some great advice. Please Like and Subscribe for more original hip hop content! Follow the hosts on social media and check out our blog and... Continue Reading →

Sociopolitical Activism and the Origins of Hip Hop

In the twenty-first century, hip hop music is often associated with behaviors like drug use, sexualization of women, gang violence, consumerist and materialistic ideas, egocentric and pop culture values, however, hip hop culture and its music planted its roots in social progression and civil rights movements in the 1970s, working to bring urban communities together... Continue Reading →

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