Review: KID Psycho & HarrisonBeatz – For The Greater Good BeatTape “For The Greater Good” is a collaboration hiphop beat tape between Las Vegas producers Kid Psycho & HarrisonBeatz. The cohesive dynamic between these two sonically, as well as the cinematic elements throughout each track, make this tape feel like a movie. With quotes from Hollywood films like Players Club, Scarface, and Back To The... Continue Reading →

KRS-One Lecture & Meet – LAS VEGAS

Come out Friday for an amazing opportunity to meet "Tha Teacha," KRS-One himself, and soak in that knowledge.  There will be an open mic that follows, so bring your music and sign up!  Thank you to all of our sponsors who helped make this event possible. Rebel Underground Rogue Rhythms Gear and Clothing in Las... Continue Reading →

Sociopolitical Activism and the Origins of Hip Hop

In the twenty-first century, hip hop music is often associated with behaviors like drug use, sexualization of women, gang violence, consumerist and materialistic ideas, egocentric and pop culture values, however, hip hop culture and its music planted its roots in social progression and civil rights movements in the 1970s, working to bring urban communities together... Continue Reading →

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