Single: Noe Chill – Noe Pencil, Noe Paper

"Noe Pencil, Noe Paper" is the second single released by Las Vegas based emcee Noe Chill. While Noe Chill is new to the game, his skills and flow are not amateur in the least. This single not only showcases Noe Chill's prolific flow and lyricism, but it is also a testament to how Noe Chill's... Continue Reading →

Review: Huc. Finn – The Preview

"Got a long road in front of us, tryna get this money up Keep it a hundred, but I need a lot more than just a hundred bucks Enough with all the funny stuff, all jokes aside I rhyme to open minds, why? To keep the hope alive!" - Jus' The Beginning In a world... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Las Vegas Albums of 2019

2019 was a big year for the Las Vegas underground, with lots of collaborations between the scene. Some veterans dropped heat, and some new faces emerged. Here are Rebel Underground's Top 10 Las Vegas Albums of 2019. Way2Gone x Dent One - Dreams 2 Nightmares Way2Gone has been busy in 2019, with numerous singles, another... Continue Reading →

Review: KID Psycho & HarrisonBeatz – For The Greater Good BeatTape “For The Greater Good” is a collaboration hiphop beat tape between Las Vegas producers Kid Psycho & HarrisonBeatz. The cohesive dynamic between these two sonically, as well as the cinematic elements throughout each track, make this tape feel like a movie. With quotes from Hollywood films like Players Club, Scarface, and Back To The... Continue Reading →

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