Review: Avery Harden – Atlantis

"I'm in it for the long haul I know you niggas is scared of me This positivity gon' be heard even if you murder me." - Milo Thatch If you haven't heard of Avery Harden, you must be lost, much like the city of Atlantis. In some hip-hop circles, Ave remains a mystery uncovered, however,... Continue Reading →

Review: Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah- Moirai “I paid the price for what they say is life I didn’t see the knife, I almost lost my sight I didn’t sell my soul for a bunch of likes But when corruption can I could t sleep at night” - My Odyssey Moirai is a Greek term for fate or destiny, something Real... Continue Reading →

Episode 7 W/ Interstate Fatz (FREESTYLE CYPHER) – Mic Check Podcast Welcome back to Mic Check Season 1! To close out the season, we brought in battle rap and Las Vegas hip-hop legend Interstate Fatz in for an interview and cypher with hosts SIC the Blackfalcon and Lyrical AJ Official! #RUN Video was recorded, edited by AJ of Rebel Underground Check out the music of Interstate Fatz on Youtube and social... Continue Reading →

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