LADY H CYPHER W/ KRS-ONE Rogue Rhythms and Rebel Underground were able to bring out the Temple of HipHop and KRS-One for a lecture, and of course naturally, a cypher ensued after his lecture.  KRS-One was impressed by Lady H of Studiofeenz, check out the clip!

Episode 7 W/ Interstate Fatz (FREESTYLE CYPHER) – Mic Check Podcast Welcome back to Mic Check Season 1! To close out the season, we brought in battle rap and Las Vegas hip-hop legend Interstate Fatz in for an interview and cypher with hosts SIC the Blackfalcon and Lyrical AJ Official! #RUN Video was recorded, edited by AJ of Rebel Underground Check out the music of Interstate Fatz on Youtube and social... Continue Reading →

Episode 4 W/ StudioFeenz (FREESTYLE CYPHER) – Mic Check Podcast Check out the music of StudioFeenz on SoundCloud and their new music video "Cock Blockin" Lady H . IG - @ladyh_sf_queen Follow the hosts on social media and check out our blog and dynamic content!

Episode 2 W/ JTruthPA (FREESTYLE CYPHER) – Mic Check Podcast The art of emceeing is back! FREESTYLE CYPHER EVERY WEDNESDAY!  Check out episode 2 which features JTruthPA, local Las Vegas emcee and singer! You can find his music on Soundcloud! Follow the hosts on social media and check out our blog!

Sociopolitical Activism and the Origins of Hip Hop

In the twenty-first century, hip hop music is often associated with behaviors like drug use, sexualization of women, gang violence, consumerist and materialistic ideas, egocentric and pop culture values, however, hip hop culture and its music planted its roots in social progression and civil rights movements in the 1970s, working to bring urban communities together... Continue Reading →

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