Review: Avery Harden – Atlantis

"I'm in it for the long haul I know you niggas is scared of me This positivity gon' be heard even if you murder me." - Milo Thatch If you haven't heard of Avery Harden, you must be lost, much like the city of Atlantis. In some hip-hop circles, Ave remains a mystery uncovered, however,... Continue Reading →

Review: Sauce is Mattise – Reflection of Self "If self-reflection is a lesson, let it lend a hand I can’t accept the dead surrender of a better man What’s unacceptable’s a blessing, I don’t give a damn So why’m I questioning myself Not this again!" - Lately Sauce is Matisse's latest EP, "Reflection of Self," is just that. This Virginia based emcee... Continue Reading →

Coherent – Madness (Look Alive Remix) New music from emcee and creator of Rebel Underground, Coherent.  Lots of shit talking in the scene on social media.  Time to put it on wax. This is hiphop. Follow the movement - RUN wit us! IG - RebelUnderground

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