Review: Modern Day Soulja – Be Blessed Be Blessed is more than an album for the California native Modern Day Soulja. Be Blessed is a mindstate, a mantra that MDS chooses to live by after all the struggles and hardships he has faced throughout his life. Losing his brother years back put this soldier is a dark place; a place where... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview W/ Locksmith!

Locksmith interview in Las Vegas! We talk about hip hop platforms, the wisdom he would share with his younger self, and what keeps him going!  More exclusive interviews like this and more available on our Bandcamp for subscribers to the movement. Sign up today!

Coherent Feat. Ra’SOL – Mystery Repeats

Two of LV's most lyrical emcee's bless the beat one time for a classic collaboration.  Coherent and Ra'SOL drop knowledge the entire track, thought provoking poetic content that bleeds real hip hop. You can find the talents of Ra'SOL on his SoundCloud page.

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