Review: Avery Harden – Atlantis

"I'm in it for the long haul I know you niggas is scared of me This positivity gon' be heard even if you murder me." - Milo Thatch If you haven't heard of Avery Harden, you must be lost, much like the city of Atlantis. In some hip-hop circles, Ave remains a mystery uncovered, however,... Continue Reading →

Le-Eyo Martinez x Way2Gone – #VegasStrong New video featuring East Side veterans Le-Eyo Martinez and Way2Gone fo RKB. This is that anthem for those born and raised in the LV, or even those just reppin the city to the fullest. Lots of love for the city coming out of the scene right now, you won't wanna pass this song up. Directed by... Continue Reading →

Rebel Underground Radio Episode 8

Kennedy Clark - Weed And Liquor Kalipso feat Dizzy Wright - Keep Smoking CHROME feat. Mikey VIP - Back 2 Da Green Late For Dinner feat. Issac Sawyer - The Walk Away Willy Ways feat. Steelo El - Cross x2 Exist More feat. Diamond Grooves - Catharsis Way2Gone feat. C-$ - Storytelling of LV Great... Continue Reading →

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