AJ of ALVMNII – 2 BANGER EP’s to start his solo career on the mic!

Just released two brand new, 7 track EP's from AJ of ALVMNII that cover a wide range of hip-hop styles and eclectic rhythms. In the last couple of months, AJ has released DOWNFALL & DEFIANT, his first solo projects ever! Both projects are recorded, mixed, and mastered by this young talent, showing his artist and... Continue Reading →

Review: Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah- Moirai

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x28oCoykgi0 “I paid the price for what they say is life I didn’t see the knife, I almost lost my sight I didn’t sell my soul for a bunch of likes But when corruption can I could t sleep at night” - My Odyssey Moirai is a Greek term for fate or destiny, something Real... Continue Reading →

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