A.M.D. – T.W.C. feat. TooTone

https://www.facebook.com/RebelUndergroundNetwork/videos/480929029014717/ STRAIGHT GAS - BUMP & SMOKE TO THIS! "THICK WHITE CLOUDS"  Give it a share if you feeling it! Pre-order A.M.D.'s project "THE MOST DOPE" on iTunes NOW! Follow A.M.D. on IG @americasmostdope Like this video on YouTube

Review: A.M.D. – Sum2CrusieToo

"Make the music, serve the feenz and go chase my dreams" Those Who Wait While most people are bumping radio trash in their vehicles, Americas Most Dope (A.M.D.) is manifesting cruise control vibes that let you know hip hop is alive and well. A.M.D's mixtape "Sum2CruiseToo" is derived from the source of hip hop, one... Continue Reading →

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