Single: Avery Harden – A Blessing

There is no reason for Avery Harden not to feel blessed. He has talent, confidence, positive energy, and serious flows that are all God-given. Avery shows his reverence and gratitude in his song "A Blessing," which is available now on all platforms.

"I am so proud of the process
Make it out the hood was the objective
Tryna give the world peace Ron Artest
Scream out loud til I feel breathless"

Being able to live his dream of being a hip-hop artist full-time, touring with legends like Hopsin, and traveling to places around the world - Avery is grateful for these experiences. All of these blessings haven't been without sacrifice, however. Avery Harden turned down a scholarship to play baseball to pursue his rap career. Avery believes his impact is much greater inspiring people and the community through his music. But this track isn't all about Avery - it's about us and how blessed we are to be alive, pursuing our passions, and being loved by the people around us.

"Praise God - Amen"

Producers Dylan Kusch - BLKJCKX and Martin Rymer delivers a beat that fits Avery's energy perfectly. "A Blessing" has a bounce that uplifts the soul and bestows faith. The official music video filmed and edited by Ethan Tran Media is available now - please head over to Avery Harden's YouTube channel, like, and subscribe. Be grateful and stay blessed, everyone!

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