Review: DJ Bill-E Bob – Random Thoughts

The last year has been pretty emotional, right? Between the pandemic, the random weather, the election turmoil, and more - there are many mixed emotions that everyone is dealing with in 2021. One thing we can all agree on is that music has helped us during these times. Not just the fans either, but also music creators like DJ Bill-E Bob, who uses music to block out the world and express his inner, "Random Thoughts." With his first beat tape of 2021, DJ Bill-E Bob showcases his dynamic versatility as a producer by bringing you into a world almost a chaotic as our own with Random Thoughts. This eight-track project surfaces so many different emotions, and reflections as each beat paints a vivid, mood-shifting scene. Random Thoughts is an emotional rollercoaster that sheds light and pain cohesively.

With no central mood or feel to this project, each beat on Random Thoughts sticks out on its own. As a whole, the project progresses from a more positive, youthful bounce, to a darker, ambient feel that meshes sounds of hip-hop with EDM and house music. Each track creates a graphic landscape for the listener to vibe and decipher its meaning. "Graphic" being the keyword here, as DJ Bill-E Bob has a history in graphic design, which helps create a visual interpretation that represents the listener. Where songs like "Alone" have a relaxing, kick back on the beach vibe, others like "Trapped" provoke a dark, nervous/anxious moodscape. This rich dichotomy makes Random Thoughts appeal to any emotional state. For DJ Bill-E Bob, the Timberland influence is strong on this beat tape, especially with how each sample is used and the drum patterns and rhythms.

Random Thoughts is littered with ear candy and sound effects that help create the visual atmosphere prominent throughout the beat tape. These effects give each beat life, with live sounds like birds, rain, ocean waves, and short vocal stints to hype the track. One consistent sound effect throughout the project is a printer sound that DJ Bill-E Bob warps and manipulates sonically to create different rhythms. Abelton 10 is the digital audio workstation of choice for DJ Bill-E Bob, while many of the samples used come from the royalty-free soundbank. All in all- Random Thoughts is a collage of emotion, that encapsulates the many emotions and feelings we have experienced over the last year. Random Thoughts by DJ Bill-E Bob can be found on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Also, check out his collaborative album with Ivy, "Fireflies," which dropped in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.

Favorite Tracks: It's Ok, My Breathe, Guardian Angel

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