AJ of ALVMNII – 2 BANGER EP’s to start his solo career on the mic!

Just released two brand new, 7 track EP's from AJ of ALVMNII that cover a wide range of hip-hop styles and eclectic rhythms. In the last couple of months, AJ has released DOWNFALL & DEFIANT, his first solo projects ever! Both projects are recorded, mixed, and mastered by this young talent, showing his artist and industry versatility.  We are looks for placement with your publication for promotion and other opportunities.

DOWNFALL is a mix of tracks, ranging in the topic matter and beat selections. There is a little bit of everything on this project, from boom-bap bangers to club and trap songs. This tape shows AJ's versatility as an emcee and his appeal to real hip-hop heads and new wave consumers alike.

DEFIANT is a strict boom-bap project produced by local beatmaker Big Skoon. This project has a theme built around motivation and conscious lyricism - the perfect tape to start your 2021 grind too.  AJ has faced a lot of criticism and doubt in his young career, but this project is a landmark for an emcee who continues to prove himself on the mic and in the industry.

Music Videos will be coming out asap for these two projects via the Rebel Underground Network YouTube Channel - the first on Jan 18th, with the single DOWNFALL.

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