Coherent – #WorldEnder Available Exclusively on Bandcamp!

Coherent’s fourth album “World Ender” is a hip-hop concept album produced entirely by Las Vegas emcee/producer Ivory. “World Ender” is about an interdimensional Armageddon set off by the satanic elite who use large hydron colliders to open portals and unravel the dimensions of the universe. When they do this it releases demons/angels/aliens that start to attack Earth and humanity, which leads to the near extinction of the human race and sets up the New World Order. “World Ender” also incorporates themes from the Book of Enoch, Fallen Angels/The Watchers, eschatology, Luciferian conspiracies like Free Masonry, Cult of Saturn, adrenochrome, transhumanism, alien agenda, dimensions, quantum physics and is centered around a dystopic technocratic state in the year 2029. It features a handful of clips that include speeches from Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider, Ted Gunderson, etc. The production for the album is influenced by anime/video game samples and spacey experimental boom-bap hip-hop. Videos for these tracks can be found on the RUN channel.

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