Single: Sicknotes & Collotta – Boots & Knuckles & Give Me Space

Time to strap up your boots and knuckles for these pure hip-hop anthems from Sicknotes and Collatta aka "Benji." Two tracks, "Boots & Knuckles" and "Give Me Space" feature these two Grind Mode Cypher Affiliated emcees and their ferocious pen games! In a classic cypher format, both of these emcees can display rapid multi-syllable structures and creative punchlines over any banger, and here's the proof. Cali emcee Sicknotes has orchestrated several tracks with the bi-coastal emcee, Collotta. Both tracks feature production from Merge Beats for the upcoming "Sicasylum Psych Ward" mixtape, that showcases the raw essence of emcee lyricism.

"I got a lot of tools running off of fossil fuel
Colossal thoughts bond together like a molecule" - Give Me Space (Sicknotes)

"Throwin' fists, I don't care who I'm supposed to hit
Begging for a hand out that's how you get a broken wrist" - Boots & Knuckles (Collotta)

Both tracks provide that classic boombap feel, for those who are nostalgic of that sound - these emcees do not disappoint! Sicknotes and Collotta make a dynamic duo when they appear on a track, especially when they go back-and-forth on a verse together. Both emcees have utilized a battle rap style that lends itself to dope verses that are full of technical lyricism, wordplay, and punchlines that make the crowd go AHHHH! These two underground gems "Boots & Knuckles" and "Give Me Space" can be found on the Sicasylum Facebook page, which also features cyphers and other hiphop content!


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