Single: Big Skoon – The Realness

Big Skoon's new single is sure to leave you stuck off "The Realness." Being authentic within hip-hop is a major principle of the culture and something this Vegas-based emcee/producer takes pride in showcasing within his music. He's tired of emcees misusing the mic, stunting, and reaching instead of teaching. Big Skoon honed his mic skills in Chicago but started making beats when he moved to Las Vegas. His inner emcee wanted to demonstrate the art in it's purest form, and so "The Realness" was born.

"It's Big Skoon and you know the deal
Send a chill up spine cause you know it's real"

"The Realness" is the first solo release from Big Skoon, who is also one-third of the dynamic rap trio Lost Elements. Big Skoon's music always contains a classic 90s boombap flavor, reminiscent of the Golden Era. The new single is composed entirely by Big Skoon himself, which manifests that nostalgic essence within the rhymes and the production. Big Skoon's "The Realness" is available exclusively on his website - available for purchase and free streaming. You can also check out his other instrumentals via this website, and sign up for his non-exclusive beat subscription which gives you access to unlimited downloads to some of Skoon's best production!

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