Review: Ivy & DJ Bill-E Bob – Fireflies

There's a war going on inside nobodies safe from. Every person struggles with demons and internal chaos, often with abuse, conscience, fears, and even our blessings. For Las Vegas emcee Ivy, the struggle to suppress this internal war has gone on for years, choosing to self-medicate with drugs and music to calm the voices in his head. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Ivy, as talent and perseverance shine through. Ivy's third official project "Fireflies," explores these subconscious depths, disclosing and manifesting his true potential. Understanding the role music plays in his life has opened creative doors that help relieve the pain and anxiety felt within. "Fireflies" is the inner dialogue of the devil and angel on each shoulder, with the discovery that balance and harmony between these two forces is the key to success and victory.

"I'm just trying to keep my mind from fighting myself" - Head in the Clouds

Between the melodic breaks and the pique bravado, "Fireflies" is a full display of the songwriting and lyrical capabilities of Ivy. For this Las Vegas emcee, there are many influential undertones on this project from people who have inspired the sound of this album. From names like Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, J. Cole, and TDE artists like Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Isaiah Rashad, this album creatively meshes styles that resonate with a unique assemble for Ivy's discography. Ivy has always explored different styles of hip-hop within his catalog, but this experiment suits the mood permeated by the lyrics and melodies. Ivy dives into a deep psychosis induced by chemical substances, fighting and making peace with his spirit. The pinnacle of this battle takes place on a track called "Feud," where the voice of good and evil fight for control over Ivy's spirit, before harmonizing as one. This coordinated peace culminates on the track "Victorious," which demonstrates the hunger, drive, and potential of this harmony within his ambition and music. This balanced version of himself is someone he and his family can be proud of.

"You ever feel like you don't know who you are?

Outside lookin' in, left alone with your scars?" - Self-Medicated

The entire "Fireflies" project was produced by DJ Bill-E Bob, who uses deep basslines and melancholy samples to form this experimental trap tour de force. Sonically, there is incredible diversity in each track, from various change-ups in rhythm and sample work, to complex mixing effects and ranges created by sound engineer TyJack Sounds. The blend of lyrics, beats, and mixing quality generates a vibe perfectly suitable to the conceptual structure of "Fireflies." This project is cohesive from start to finish, easy to follow, and leaves you wanting more of this progressive sound Ivy has created. "Fireflies" by Ivy & DJ Bill-E Bob is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and other prominent digital services.

'Wu-Tang taught me get that mone because cash rules

Nip said it's a marathon, so I'll outlast you

Got few supporters, give me water as I lap you

And you gunna pay me all the fees, boy it's past due" - Victorious

Favorite Tracks: Phoenix, Head in the Clouds, Feud

Production – 5/5 

Lyrics – 4/5 

Flow – 5/5 

Substance –4/5 

Feel – 5/5 

Originality - 4/5 

Longevity – 5/5 

Overall – 4.6/5



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