Single: Datz Who??? – DatzDiggy

Who's that kickin' at your door? Well, it's none other than DatzDiggy, Las Vegas emcee, and one-third of the dynamic rap group Lost Elements. His first solo single "Datz Who???" showcases his versatile rhymes skills over the classic "Kick In The Door" sample made famous by Biggie Smalls and DJ Premier. Flipped by producer/emcee Big Skoon, also of Lost Elements, DatzDiggy displays all the swag and polish of the deceased legend in this true ode to hip-hop.

Yo, it's the D. I. Double G. Y. back on my B. I.
I'm on my fly shit, not ready to die shit
But ready to steady the aim and fire my rhyme spit
You know how I get - if you don't know
You better ask somebody..."

The song's creation is from a branded mantra built on an inside joke between him and his collective. Diggy's old school, boombap style has put him in a lot of situations where his people state "Yo Datz Diggy" whenever a classic 90s era beat would come on in freestyle or studio sessions. The music video, produced by Eddie Fuse, is a fun kickback rhyme session in the heart of Las Vegas, surrounded by the elements. You can listen to "Datz Who???" by DatzDiggy on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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