Review: Big Skoon – Me & My MPC Vol. 1

In the hip-hop producer community, the Akai MPC is a staple digital audio workstation. Many classic hip-hop beats used this software to allow beatmakers to chop up samples and create percussions without instruments, or a studio. In the 80s and 90s, the MPC influenced a renaissance within hip-hop by allowing producers to take classic songs and drum breaks and flip them into new, original rhythms and melodies. For Las Vegas-based producer Big Skoon, this machine encouraged him to dig through classic records for samples he could use to make the authentic hip-hop sound we hear on Me & My MPC Vol 1.  While many producers use DAWS programs like Fruity Loops, Reason, etc Skoon's only relationship has been with his MPC 2500 and an MPC Touch. As his introductory DAWS program, Big Skoon has mastered the skills of this tried-and-true machine.

This beat tape is over two years in the making. Sidetracked by life, and other endeavors within his Lost Elements crew, Big Skoon has quietly developed this project to showcase the sounds that he grew up loving, and that every hip-hop head enjoys. While the MPC is a versatile machine, it makes some of the best boom-bap beats of any DAWS system. Me & My MPC Vol 1. is strictly a boom-bap beat tape, the style that Big Skoon covets and specializes in. The bass and snare kick hard on every beat, with looped samples shaping each melody. These beats are perfect for freestyling and crafting unique classic flows within that 90-100 BPM tempo.

Me & My MPC Vol. 1 features 16 tracks, one for each pad on his AKAI MPC. The beat tape features a diverse selection of sample work, from classic 90s east coast bangers like Black Tide, and Break Thru, to more soulful boom-bap tracks like My Journey and Bap Happy. Big Skoon shows a flush technique on his chops that highlight his mastery of the MPC over the past few years. As he continues to manifest that potential on future volumes, we could see Big Skoon working with legends of the game.

The beats on Me & My MPC Vol 1. can be used for non-commercial use. These beats can be purchased exclusively, but emcees are welcome to use these beats for free and promotional use on mixtapes, performances, etc.  Songs that are created with these beats may not be digitally distributed through Spotify, Apple Music, etc and may only be uploaded for free on sites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Beats used for promotional purposes must include proper producer credits within the title of the song. All beats are copywritten and registered by Tru Head Music. To purchase exclusive rights please contact

Favorite Beats: My Journey, Kraze, Night Owl



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