Single: Noe Chill – Noe Pencil, Noe Paper

"Noe Pencil, Noe Paper" is the second single released by Las Vegas based emcee Noe Chill. While Noe Chill is new to the game, his skills and flow are not amateur in the least. This single not only showcases Noe Chill's prolific flow and lyricism, but it is also a testament to how Noe Chill's does not pen his lyrics, but "writes" in his head, similar to Jay-Z. 

"I was in the hall, startin cyphers just so I could toe-tag 
No desire to hold back, I was off the wire, its a known fact 
When I spit that fore I left most cats with a missing top - no cap" 

The track was produced by CXDY, a famous YouTube producer signed to Internet Money. This song was completely improvised, on the spot, once Noe Chill heard the beat. "Noe Pencil, Noe Paper" is a banger to say the least, with high energy, knockin' drums, and a dope melody. You can find this single on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major streaming platforms. Not available on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

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