Review: Huc. Finn – The Preview

"Got a long road in front of us, tryna get this money up
Keep it a hundred, but I need a lot more than just a hundred bucks
Enough with all the funny stuff, all jokes aside
I rhyme to open minds, why? To keep the hope alive!" - Jus' The Beginning

In a world filled with so much hate and forgery, underground hip-hop culture is one of the few genres left to find authentic, talented artists. Some of the foundations that hip-hop is built on are "keeping it real" and "paying homage" to the artists who paved the way for today's emcees. Las Vegas emcee Huc. Finn is the embodiment of this ideal. With an original cadence, flow and lyrical style, as well as true love for the art and culture, his first EP "The Preview" is just a taste of his abilities and the diversity Huc brings to the mic. While other rappers are bosting big claims, flaunting gimmicks and fake jewelry, Huc only knows how to showcase himself in a genuine, unfiltered way. With a passion for sharing his truth, Huc. Finn aspires to motivate those who hate to do better for themselves and others while empowering those who spread love and positivity.

"No matter how hard you try, you couldn't design this nigga again
Cause not a thing that I did with the pen can be duplicated
Every move I make is aimed to show you I'm the greatest
But I am motherfucka I'm just sayin' - Ok, now I see why you a hater" - Soul

Behind a raspy delivery, offbeat flow, and technical lyricism, Huc. Finn has one of the more distinguishable and original styles, not just in Las Vegas, but in all of hip-hop. Huc has been in the cut for several years performing, writing and perfecting his style before dropping his first official release "The Preview." On this project, Huc's style cannot be boxed in because of a myriad of techniques that range from battle rap to conscious music. His feel for the mic is unprecedented because what seems awkward comes naturally for Huc. His enunciation and elongation of certain words, syllables, and melodies create a unique sound that can only be compared to legends with original styles like E-40, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and MF DOOM. Huc is also not one for one-liner punchlines, because every lyric connects to the next bar like a speech or spoken word. This originality makes "The Preview" interesting in composition, but also with the ideas expressed in each song. While this seven-track EP does not have a singular topic, Huc covers many contemporary issues like police brutality, the failing justice system, and rampant bigotry in our societies.

"Can't shit hold me back, I got that Mexican work ethic
When it comes to puttin words together bet me I'm an expert
Better give me my respect when you step in my section
And exit that second, no exceptions
I will not accept anything less than, what I know is destined for me
Definitely, like without any question
Let that set in and tell me did you really get the message?
I ain't dealing with you niggas actin' silly like the jesters" - The Wall

Production on "The Preview" is characterized as a west-coast hardcore trap. The beats are dark, aggressive, and uptempo. A few tracks use guitar riffs, while every track slaps with 808's and hi-hats that progressively scale the energy of each song. Judging from previous releases and prior performances, this is a new niche that suits Huc. Finn's style. For someone who considers themself a hip-hop head who grew up on boom-bap, it is nice to see proficient emcees drop knowledge and bars over a new-age style of production. As Huc. Finn continues to develop his style, it will be interesting to see the new dimensions he explores with his music. As the title of the EP suggests, this is only a preview of what is to come for Huc. We can expect a bright future with lots of experimentation, and of course, authenticity and frankness that is desperately needed within the genre of hip-hop. You can stream Huc. Finn's "The Preview" on all major streaming platforms.

Favorite Tracks: Freedom, Lookin' Bacc, The Wall

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 5/5 
Flow – 5/5 
Substance –5/5 
Feel – 4/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 3/5 
Overall – 4.4/5

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