Review: Soy The Organic Hispanic – Adventure Time

"This is real life, instilled right in what I tell you
Take it with a grain of salt or find its value" - Life

The truth is, no one holds you back but yourself. Everyone has goals and dreams, but sometimes the life we lead gets in the way of us achieving them. For some, this can be deep financial issues, criminal records, toxic relationships, death of loved ones, and drug addiction. Often these kinds of problems can turn self-destructive and counterintuitive to reaching the goals we've set for ourselves. Soy the Organic Hispanic has an adventure to share - one that reveals various problems that sent life into chaos and imped the path to his dreams. By seeing the beauty in the ugly, and prioritizing the big picture accomplishments, Soy empowered himself to face his demons and conquer them. "Adventure Time" is this story, and Soy uses first-hand experiences to inspire others who are living in their shadows and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

"...See there's the beckon that I'm reaching
I'm an angel seeking out my demons for this teaching" - Let's Ride

"Adventure Time" is a deep, honest rendition of how failure breeds success. Soy's lyricism paints this vividly by expressing the lows and the highs in his life. He confesses to alcoholism, anxiety, depression, and making excuses for himself in the wake of his goals. But through it all, Soy the Organic Hispanic lets his vulnerabilities be the motivation for positive change. Lyrically, Soy uses multisyllabic rhymes and energetic delivery to covey his messages of despair and hope. This album isn't all about trials and tribulations, but in fact, pays homage and respect to the culture of hip-hop for helping Soy see through the dark times. Lots of soul searching is done with the pen for Soy and fellow emcees Windchill, Def-I, Kayohes, and Fluid who are featured artists on the album.

Production-wise, "Adventure Time" presents a soulful boombap sound full of piano and string samples that are as heartfelt as the lyrics. Every track is produced by Geoff Grey, who has known Soy for over 10 years and helped manifest the vision of this album. Soy rides Geoff Grey's beats with a spoken word flow that is direct and thoughtfully penetrating to motivate and question the self-condition. Soy presents himself a true emcee, one tailored by the culture, with no gimmicks, or autotune, only sharing what is real. Luckily, real is empowering. "Adventure Time" from Soy the Organic Hispanic can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever music is bought and enjoyed.

"Do the math, we have certain paths that we're walking
Even though experience is different for everyone living it
I'm just trying to grind and make my life significant" - Back in the Days

Instagram: @soytheorganichispanic : @Universallanguageent 
Twitter: @organichispanic

Favorite Tracks: Card Games, Family Matters, Odd I See

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 4/5 
Flow – 4/5 
Substance –4/5 
Feel – 5/5 
Originality: 3/5 
Longevity – 3/5 
Overall – 4/5

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