Review: Profane – XXII BLACK


"I can never be influenced, I just follow my intestine” - When I Fall

There are many pillars to life, and often as a man, you build them up just to be torn down. No matter what, you got to rebuild, grow, and make sure you stand your ground with balance and stability. These are some of the lessons Profane in collaboration with The Chem Clinic try us with on XXII BLACK. This 11 track album demonstrates the struggles and insecurities felt by Profane on his life journey. Sometimes we learn our lessons the hard way, and when we fall its only the snakes that surround us at the bottom. Through these tribulations, we become fierce, predatory, and now it is no longer a choice to takes what is yours, you now must move like a king, go out and conquer greatness until you are happy - these are the lessons of XXII BLACK.

”They said I'm peakin I'm reppin for the XXII’s
I'm 28, with a vision gettin plenty loot
I'm just a Vegas villain stylin on your Betty Boop
In a bucket, were ridin it like a Bently Coop” - Poppin’ Off

The production by The Chem Clinic has suited the style of Profane for years now, with their previous album ”Project Fallout” garnering much respect and admiration as one of the best team collaborations Las Vegas has ever seen. The Chem Clinic steps away from the quintessential trap sound on Project Fallout in favor of a mix of trap, and boombap styles on XXII BLACK. The Chem Clinic has always been a versatile camp of producers who mesh a myriad of hip-hop elements into their production. The production on this project gives an underground, hardcore hip-hop feel that is deep and reflective.

XXII BLACK also flexes lyrically to a great degree especially on songs like Xxii Freestyle, When I Fall, and The Wolf where Profane’s primal emcee urges demonstrate the raw nature of his talent. Profane has always been a writer - from graffiti on walls as a child, to the pen to the pad as an adult, Profane has always used the elements of hip-hop to express himself and his competitive alpha nature. The smell of blood is fresh within the mind of Profane on XXII BLACK; stalking and attacking each beat like it is his prey.

”I step with elegance, a monster in my wilderness
The dominance is evident, most of y'all wasn't built for this” - The Wolf

Since uniting, The Chem Clinic and Profane have become one of the most formidable packs in Vegas Valley. The fire behind the team is always evident, as they pack shows, drop music consistently, and forever work to have a complete product that mixes business and the love of hip-hop into something profitable and righteous. Following the trajectory of this team, this is one of their most complete projects to date, as it's authenticity is evident from beginning to end. The album can be streamed everywhere, Spotify, Itunes, etc.  Check out The Chem Clinic's beat store also for slappers!

”No one works as hard as me so they can hardly relate
No space left in my circle, so they mob with the snakes” - I Show Love

Favorite Tracks: When I Fall, This Is Why I Smoke, The Wolf

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 5/5 
Flow – 4/5 
Substance – 4/5 
Feel – 5/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 5/5 
Overall – 4.6/5

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