Review: KID Psycho & HarrisonBeatz – For The Greater Good BeatTape

“For The Greater Good” is a collaboration hiphop beat tape between Las Vegas producers Kid Psycho & HarrisonBeatz. The cohesive dynamic between these two sonically, as well as the cinematic elements throughout each track, make this tape feel like a movie. With quotes from Hollywood films like Players Club, Scarface, and Back To The Future, the dialogue shapes the perspective around each beat to create some intense imagery; almost like each track plays a role in the film. If you like boom-trap instrumentals - this has to be on the must slap list! 

The collaboration between the two started back in college pursuing music production degrees. The two would work together in and out of the classroom for a few years before finally coming together to make a beat-tape. Both producers have a similar style, both influencing one another and building on the sounds they like to mesh into their instrumental melodies. There is some sample work on this project, as well as completely original productions that produce and complete vibe from front to back. The beats on the tape go back and forth between the two producers, with one track “Batter UP!” being produced together.

The dialogue goes outside of the Hollywood sphere with quotes for KRS-One about the importance of hiphop on the last track “Love of Hip Hop,” which is a completely original piano melody with various stacks of ambient, big sounds that celebrate the essence of hiphop music. The entire project was mixed and mastered by Kid Psycho, who also came up with the concept of the beat tape. You can stream this album on all of your major streaming networks, like Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and more. 

Favorite Beats: Anxiety (KID Psycho), Wax on, Wax Off (HarrisonBeatz), Batter UP! (KID Psycho & HarrisonBeatz

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