The Best Vegas HipHop Albums Of 2018

Las Vegas has an incredible amount of talent within its hip-hop scene. Many artists from all over the city are creating relatable and quality music – and this year was no exception. Here are 15 albums that you should stream from the 702! Shoutouts to all these artists who have been grinding hard this entire year in preparation for these projects. ENJOY!

Detour – Ekoh

Ekoh’s Heart Hop movement is reaching the masses day by day. Ekoh’s Detour album has received critical acclaim, streaming millions and charting on iTunes. Ekoh is a one-man independent powerhouse! He has also dropped numerous singles this year that show off his lyricism and skill.

Project Fallout – The Chem Clinic

Project Fallout is an explosive collab between The Chem Clinic and various artists from around the Las Vegas scene. The album features heavy hitters Profane, Harvey Listen, Teddy Mac and other emcees who flourish over the trap production of The Chem Clinic.

#RippasKeeper – RKB

RKB is a brotherhood that remains a force to be reckoned with in the 702. The duo faced a lot of ups and downs in 2018, but #RippasKeeper will stand the test of time as one of RKB’s best albums. Way2Gone and C-Money have no filter on this one.

Saturday 6 – Trade Voorhees

Trade Voorhees does nothing but create. He dropped Saturday 5 and 6 this year, 5 being a solo rendition, where 6 has some classic collabs! Trade Voorhees always flosses incredible production skills behind a party rap vibe – Saturday’s stay lit!

InterstateAmp – Interstate Fatz & Ampichino

Bay Area Legend Ampichino and Las Vegas Legend Interstate Fatz created a West Coast street anthem that is nothing short of legendary! These two heavyweights go back and forth bar for bar on this classic!

The Process – Indika & The Real Ulysess

A collab project years in the making, The Process documents the life and times of two underground emcees, who’s powerful message embraces perseverance and freedom. This album documents their struggle and their glory; metaphorically manifesting their destiny in a story that is highly relatable.

N5th – Toxsikk

This is the anthem album of the year for the Vegas Streets. The production from Finyl is amazing, and Toxsikk’s lyrical abilities are second to none. This album also features collabs with some of the best lyricists in the city like Interstate Fatz and X.

More Enemies – D.Cross X Pooh Pistols

One of the most anticipated collab projects of the year doesn’t disappoint. Pooh Pistols and D.Cross are humble and streetwise – and the bars are top-notch on this project. This album slaps!

Self Sufficient- Goliath Cruz & Jovi Jov

They did it on their own! This duo has been grindin for some years now, and finally, they’re reaping what they’ve sown. Two bosses collide on one album, embellish the moves and investments they’ve made into their craft and their business.

Ex Machina – Shahan

James Shahan has been one of the busiest artists in the city for 2018, with two albums, and a remix series that is 50 videos deep! Ex Machina is a conscious hip-hop masterpiece that puts a lot of cultural and societal woes into perspective for the listener.


JUMP – Chico Spitz

Fake A Smile – Tana FoReal

Smoke & Mirrors – Miles Low

Unexpected- Ivy Prod. By M.Shermbeatz

Moodswing – Omega Quez

Moonlit Satellites 7 – Ivory & Various Artists


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