Review: RKB – #RippasKeeper

“I think it’s awesome when you teach yourself how to blossom 
Too many fake ones be talkin but they are dead men walking 
We put these beats up on coffins I’m like Shaq he like Ibaka 
That bullshit we blocking they mockin 
That's how we know they be watchin” - Push

RKB is a Las Vegas hiphop duo that's been building on the scene for several years now, as a group and as solo artists. #RippasKeeper is the culmination of great ambition, development, soul-searching, and brotherhood for both Way2Gone and C-Money. Rebel Underground has reviewed both solo projects from the duo - Way2Gone’s “#JustWaitOnIt” and C-Money’s “I’m Back,” which showcase the versatility and creativity both emcees possess. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that together they are one of the most dynamic duos in LV. #RippasKeeper is proof of that, and proof that loyalty is thicker than blood. A once four-person group is now down to two, watching each other’s back through and through.

“They always be talking; don’t hear what they sayin 
Fuck all their bullshit and negative statements 
We’re getting these payments and chasing these pavements 
Workin in greatness avoiding the fake shit” - All They Want

#RippasKeeper is an album featuring emcees with impeccable mic chemistry, back and forth flows, and skills that compliment each other. A myriad of styles throughout the project display the versatility of Way2Gone and C-Money - from new wave sounds like “Dripp” and “On the Go” - to straight bar spittin on “No Hook” and “Push.” The remarkable production is done in classic Rippa Killa Boy fashion; hiphop bangers, great hook work, and beats that engage the listener. Combined with a “putting fakes on blast” mentality - this makes for an aggressive, hardcore hiphop album from a group that’s seen it’s fair share of beef and conflict in the last couple of years. RKB is much deeper than just the two emcees; behind them is a team of supporters who stand ready for any challenge that comes their way. Demons, haters, anything.

“I gotta get it, man, I’m on the go 
All confidence no ego I’m flyin high like a eagle
Really only see me through a telescope 
Way2Gone - about to telaport 
Don’t follow me, no Yellow-road 
I found the plugs no extension code 
And I go got hoes like Amber Rose” - On The Go

#RippasKeeper comes from the expression “brother's keeper” and the Rippa trademark that has bonded them since the early days of their rap careers. These two emcees have stood the test of time, alongside their friend Polani- they’ve all inspired one another to use hiphop as their own expression and have formed a brotherhood through it. They have also inspired many in the city, through their consistency, resiliency, and dedication to the culture and music. #RippasKeeper is available to stream on all major platforms including iTunes, and Spotify. Hardcopies are also available through the artist's social media pages. Shoutouts to Make Your Mark Studios for mixing and mastering, and Dent One for the album artwork.

“Shoutout to people who rock in with us 
Supporting the team, respect, showing love 
Without you, this couldn’t be done, salute to the man from above” Dripp

Favorite Tracks: Dripp, On the Go, Come N Go

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 4/5 
Flow – 4/5 
Substance – 3/5 
Feel – 5/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 4.1/5

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