Review: Goliath Cruz & Jovi Jov – Self Sufficient

"We did it on our own yeah
Risin to the throne yeah
Hittin all my goals
Did it all alone yeah" - On Our Own

Every rapper wants to be self-sufficient; to be able to say they did it on their own. This implies no middleman, cashing out big and building your worth through investments and networking. Goliath Cruz & Jovi Jov are two men that have accomplished this dream, through strong business ideas, worldwide networking, and perfection in the booth. The duos debut album "Self-Sufficient" is a masterful rendition of purpose for these LV dream chasers; composed with bars and flows that elicit a polished lifestyle and musical talent. Vegas is a money city. From a young age, these artists had to gamble and hustle; what drives this city is all they know. Taking that drive elsewhere has been the key to success for many Vegas talents, and Goliath Cruz and Jovi Jov are investing their assets into new extensive opportunities - and lots of (Gucci).

"Pull out with that horse power
I'm Scarface, but with more power" - RICH

"Self-Sufficient" is a power play for this rap duo, and that's not a Golden Knights reference. The debut album demonstrates a dedication to creating a complete package as an artistic duo, through innovative branding, marketing, top-tier engineering production, and a catchy eclectic rap sound. While Goliath Cruz & Jovi Jov flash in the denim and bling, the duo also flashes as individuals - being two respected artists in an entertaining Las Vegas hip-hop scene. Behind the glitz, they have a huge respect for hip-hop culture and the craft and use frequent references to those who inspired them in this paper chase.

Self-Sufficient is a true story of hard work and teamwork really paying off. RICH Studios, the duos self-owned studio and publishing company, is a collaboration of generational talents in multiple industry areas. Self-Sufficient was built on the sweat and passion of many masterful hands, highlighted by the production and vocal engineering that provides this project a professional standard. The beats slap, the flows are saucy, and the bars inspire. "Self-Sufficient" is about seeking one's highest potential and freedom, and it will have you seeking it for yourself.

"Rock star livin, penthouse chillin
Bunch of foreign woman naked tryna swallow children
Me and Cruz whippin, I'm talking drop tops
Fuck 3 Fuck 2 I want the top spot" - Legend

Goliath Cruz & Jovi Jov are also seeking the finer things. The money and power have its perks and luxuries. Hard work and mastery affords you the coveted - but it's not about status, it's to understand your worth. The duo works endlessly to secure business partnerships, promotional opportunities and networking across the globe to secure their empire. The high energy and skill level they showcase has earned them prestige, and the time is now for the self-sufficient duo of Goliath Cruz & Jovi Jov. 
"Self Sufficient" is available on Spotify, iTunes, and all major streaming services.

Favorite Tracks: Golden Knights, On Our Own, MOONLIGHT

Production –5/5
Lyrics – 3/5
Flow – 5/5
Substance – 3/5
Feel – 5/5
Originality: 3/5
Longevity – 4/5
Overall – 4/5

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