Review: Voxx & the Hound – The Significant Insignificance

Sometimes opposites attract. Voxx & the Hound's first full-length album "The Significant Insignificance" is a collaboration project between two St. Louis underground artists that combines an electronic/hiphop based production from Uncle Skock (The Hound) with the thought-provoking, lyrical content of Baytron (Voxx). While both artists have roots in HipHop, they actually met within the St. Louis rave/dance scene - both as DJ's.  The meeting seemed insignificant at the time, but over the last year, the duo has built a rapport together that is incredibly significant for HipHop and the St. Louis scene. Each song on Voxx & The Hound's debut album is uniquely orchestrated to create a sense of hope through the sonic passion and truth of this inverse duo.

"We on a mission while these damn politicians
Goin fishin, they don't care about conditions inefficient
They ain't careful when they makin that incision
The minorities ignored when they makin that decision" - Can I Get A Witness?

Where you think there would be a stark contrast, Baytron's rough and low-tone cadence fits exceptionally with the electronic bass heavy sound provided by Uncle Skock's production. Just when you thought poetic lyricism was dead, Baytron displays clever, timeless rhymes that are progressive and positive. The overall message is deep on "The Significant Insignificance," where various motivational soundbites are plugged cohesively with Baytron's eminent wisdom. The message accentuates ideas of growth, perseverance, and the importance of good support systems in our lives. Family, friends and their loyalty are significant centerpieces to the success of Voxx & The Hound - who wanted us to shout out the wife and children of Uncle Skock, and the mother of Baytron, who have provided and inspired both artists to pursue their professions and passions. Overall, "The Significant Insignificance" is a highly relatable hiphop album that will spark motivation in your heart and mind.

"I need to be the change that i wanna see
I see the seasonsings change like its other meat
I need to rearrange my priorities
I know theres more to me than just a quarter key.
If I can afford to feed another human being and my family
Maybe they can go and spread the message
someday its maybe coming back to me" - Grow

The production from The Hound is also special on "The Significant Insignificance."  Even with an electronic background primarily, Uncle Skock creates the elements of a classic hiphop project, in that, the instrumentation features trap and boom-bap styles, alongside ambient synthesizers that create an electric sound and feel for the listener. "The Significant Insignificance" features melodic tones that put you at ease, yet at times, invigorate your soul with purpose. Even though the album features trap-production, this is not a club/clout album, but more of an experimental, heady project that is well planned and meticulous with its theme. These old souls have put together an album that is insightfully poised and refined. Voxx & The Hound's debut album has serious replay value and will be in steady rotation until their second album is ready early 2019. You can stream "The Significant Insignificance" now on all major music platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

"Watch it blossom like a flower - from here we just devour" - All Day Everyday

Favorite Tracks: Grow, Can I Get A Witness, All Day Everyday

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 5/5 
Flow – 4/5 
Substance – 5/5 
Feel – 4/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 4.4/5



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