Review: Avery Harden – ILLuminate

"You know what after all, this is why I was called
To shine my light, brighter than the big dipper star" - Lil Light of Mine

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for Avery Harden, who has been griding hard the last five years to reach bigger stages to illuminate his shine. You see, Avery Harden is what may hiphop heads would like to consider an underground emcee, because of his authentic message and decorative delivery. But the underground can be a dark place compared to what Avery's talent manifests. Where much of today's underground focuses on sex, drugs, and violence, ILLuminate, Avery Harden's sixth studio album is truly a welcomed relief. ILLuminate radiates a positive message of faith through its introspective lyrics, vibes, and melodies. Brighter days are ahead for Avery Harden.

Avery Harden has never been shy about expressing his beliefs and passions on the mic, and ILLuminate is no different. He delivers a message that is altruistic, confident, and inspirational to the listener. ILLuminate features songs that are highly relatable and genuine, with topics that range from his relationships with his parents, former partners, God, fighting anxiety, having a strong work ethic, praise for a loyal fan base, and more. Avery speaks from the heart on every record of ILLuminate, to give you the whole show. He chooses to bare all and leave nobody in the dark with this project.

"I'm too humble just to say I am the man
Show humility and leave it to the fans
Aww man, I'm part of God's plan
So I divvy up the rest and show em that I ain't playin - hold up" - Mojo

ILLuminate features incredible production from CXDY, Yondo, Ninety8 MXS beats, Lenn Will, Ian Ewing, C.S.O.M. Beats, as well as production and vocals from Issac Lawrence, who has collaborated on many tracks with Avery Harden since the beginning of his career. The album has a new age hiphop vibe to it; a soulful mix of sample and trap style beats that are full of life and the essence of hiphop. Ave has a ton of fun with this album too on tracks like "Mojo," "Dutchie," and "Ave's Freestyle" where he flexes his lyrical ability and cadence. ILLuminate really puts the spotlight on Avery's creativity and what inspires him the most. Each song is unique in its own message and takes you through various points in his life where knowledge, wisdom and hope was found.

Avery's grind never stops, as he has been working to impress the masses with his high energy and optimistic attitude. A fire has been lit under Avery to make a name and this industry. His goal is not to be rich and famous, but to inspire those who need a little faith. Avery Harden's powerful voice refuses to be an eclipse of darkness, but instead one that cascades light from the sunshine of tomorrow. You can purchase ILLuminate on Itunes, and stream on all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

"I ain't there yet, but I'll be there soon
It takes time and patience for a flower to bloom
So let me water this soil, give it time to grow
Under the sun, that's how I'm gon glow
So I'ma shine my light, so you all to see
How I beat the odds and now I'm living free" - We Shine, They Doubt

Favorite Tracks: Mojo, Dutchie, Syd, Simone, & Teej

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 4/5 
Flow – 5/5 
Substance – 5/5 
Feel – 5/5 
Originality: 3/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 4.5/5


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