Review: Mike Xavier – Old School Vibes

"No disrespect to the new school
But word to Pac it ain't nothing like the old school
Sit back and let me take you to the 90s kid
Where Pete Rock & CL Smooth had us reminisce 
We had them pages in the Motorola flip phone
When Gin & Juice was the alcoholic theme song
It's been a while but let me take you back to 95
You wasn't fresh without them Timbs and a cockin eye" - Old School

Who remembers the early 90s, the boom bap era when emcees spoke to the streets with brutal honesty? Mike Xavier's new album "Old School Vibes" is the essence of that moment in time. Fast forward to 2018, emcees like MX who spit with a skillful caliber and positive message continue to cultivate truly timeless music. "Old School Vibes" features blunt, yet inspiring messages over classic hiphop production, in an attempt to take you back to that essence. Every song on this album is filled with a compelling message that empowers the listener to take action - push forward with their dreams and be great.

Last time we reviewed Mike Xavier, he spilled his guts and told his story. To this date, "Resilience" is the highest rated album on our blog because of the inspirational story and the insight it provides into a victorious artist who has overcome so many battles. Today, MX seems to find success around every corner. Now, with "Old School Vibes," he tries to tell the story of you - and while this album is rather preachy - Mike really wants people to get back to the essence of themselves. A time before we became addicted and conditioned by drugs. Before the glamorous facades, we paint on our social media pages every day. Before a time where people intentionally disrespect and attack other people just to soothe shattered egos. Mike Xavier is as a real as it gets on "Old School Vibes."

"Look in the mirror, ask yourself who are you to judge?
And why do people stay with people they don't really love?
Why we always sit and argue over politics
As if the government is really gonna be the fix?" - Complaining

While the production does have that soulful, jazzy, hi-hat kick snare ensemble that defines classic hiphop, it has a cleaner more refreshing sound. Personally, I would have like to have seen some scratch hooks and other bits of sound throughout the album that relay Mike's message from a different angle, or voice. Regardless, MX rocks each track with a purpose. His point-blank approach to this album aims to inspire and motivate - change a perspective and learn to appreciate another. "Old School Vibes" is an ode to the real; maybe even a resurrection of it. You can purchase Mike Xavier's new album on Itunes, or his website and stream it on Spotify, Tidal, etc now!

"I'm having visions thinking about the way the slaves was living
Why we always out to make the laziest decisions
See, I'm never sleepin on the dream that I was given
I'ma aspire to inspire, you can tell by my ambition" - Time to Reflect

Favorite Songs: Complaining, Time to Reflect, Old School

Production – 4/5 
Lyrics – 5/5 
Flow – 4/5 
Substance – 5/5 
Feel – 4/5 
Originality: 3/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 4.1/5

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